Packing Heat

So I’m in line for the Toyota Congressional oversight hearings at the Rayburn House Office Building in my part time role as professional line stander. I’m there with about 150 others: homeless dudes, people sleeping in various positions, slumped against a wall, on rolled up mats, with bags and tents. All kinds of crap around and shady looking characters.

Anyone can enter a Congressional office building if they pass through the metal detectors, but there are no real security checks like identification or anything.  

OK. So, amid all that line-standing clutter, FOUR Capitol Hill Police Officers zero in on ME and say can we talk to you. I’m behind a velvet rope, like in a club or movie theater that they had set up to guide the line. I say sure even though I am a little nervous since there are four of them. What else am I going to say? Plus I know a lot of these guys and they know me. I have been coming in and out of these building for years as a bike messenger.

They say, “No, over here….” (pointing) So I go over the rope and say, OK. They say “No, walk with us.”

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Back Up

Out on the machine again today for the first real ride in a month except for some erratic and not very intensive courier action.

Like many on the east coast this winter my fitness has been on lockdown. During the storm weeks I haven’t made any strides toward a wind trainer or a gym. My exercise has consisted of massive shoveling, sit ups and push ups and barn carpentry projects, as well as idling/rest and a steady mantra of, ‘fitness will still come, it always does/real conditioning will just come later this year’.

The roads in Lost River are remarkably well plowed. Long back-woods stretches are basically clear. The county and the state have been out in full force and farmers with their own rigs fill in the gaps.

It was warm enough to ride but not too warm for a big melt so surfaces were dry. We had a fresh two inches last Sunday that made it look even cleaner and newer. Long narrow blacktop strips through bright white rolling meadows. A bike pathway with four foot high plowed borders. A nice effect and diversion for the generally hurtful first roll out.

I was glad to be solo and not at the mercy of a group or other pressing jousting athletic rivals. Basic RTR stats: 57 miles; 6200 feet; 4 hours and 22 minutes.

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Gam Jams 10 Questions

Jay recently did an interview with Gam Jams.

In our own way we got into a great rhythm of training at this spot (Tucson).  Even though it was unconventional, for us it worked.  We got our miles and our hang.

That is what I aimed for with Raw Talent Ranch.   Nothing to do with the ‘Dream House’ but then again everything to do with The Dream House.

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