RTR Recon Ride

….Or I get lost in the woods so you don’t have to (unless you want that)

After a medium to hard ride with the Bike Rack guys yesterday I had a free day and a chance to explore some new roads.   Situated conveniently to the around-the-mountain loop (and over twice) this area could maybe be an extension section.

There are several catches that come with the thirty mile network of dirt roads, the main one being it is unmapped.   The second being that is technically part of a ‘development’ and signed ‘private road for residents only’.  That is why, though I have heard about the area for years, I haven’t yet explored it.

There are very few houses there.  Mostly just lots marked for sale and some marked sold.  Remote backwoods stuff.  The road surface is quality dirt.  Very rideable.  I gained access through a contractor friend who has done work there.

A little aerial run through Google earth and I had a pretty good idea of how I could enter one way, off of the Old 55, and exit at one of two other gates that drop down to the river valley at Trough Road.

The main objective was not running a five mile dirt down hill to a vague woodsy cul-de-sac.

I also didn’t want to work hard.  I have recently done a series of tough rides and my legs need to down shift.  When I ride slow I ride slow.  No need to be bombing dirt descents and testing limits (and tire resilience).

That stats are blunt.  One hour, fifty four minutes.   Twenty one miles and two thousand four hundred and twenty four climbing feet.  AVG speed 11.1!  Total cars on dirt section – zero.   People – zero.   White tail deer – six. Turkey vultures – circling.   I ate the dust of one logging truck and grazed some heavy machinery.

All-in-all the mission was a success.  I linked up a ten mile dirt section to the paved valley road.   The dirt road was winding, rolling and climbing.  A little bit of each and something to do again.

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