Morgantown Race

Sunday was my first race of the season.  For me, a ‘local’ race that was actually a road trip. A WV series event taking place just across the border in Mount Morris, PA.

My car ride up took three and a half hours.   All 168 miles of it after the twisty and continuous ridge crossings on route 50 had been navigated.  I had wanted to photo doc some of the meanderings and there were no shortage of spicy targets, but getting to the start line took precedence.  Travel time coming back on interstate 68 was smoother, quicker and less concentrated (visually that is, meaning more time for vista scoping).

This second year race had a big turnout.  There were maybe close to 60 at the start line for the 1/2/3 race.  MABRA riders had made the trek out including Harley, Kelly Benefits, DC Velo, and NCVC in their stylishly updated traditional kit.

The race was hard.  Four full sized climbs.  Props to the ABRA who also put on Tucker County among other events.

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