A wind down day in the hills.  This would be Sunday after the Morgantown Road Race.  A chance to stretch the legs, connect some roads and air out prior to  four days of barn carpentry (popping in windows/working with the pine) and grounds crew (lawn and mulch ) before camp rides Friday/Saturday, and the  Tysons  race Sunday.   This is what my program called for and I do what the eye in the sky says.

When Congress is out the already diminished courier trade grinds to a crawl so I use this time to maximize WV efforts.  The two hats I wear, a foot in both worlds………   But when I’m here I’m here.  The weather’s right and the road beckons.  The direction was to head east from Lost River over the ridge into Virginia and run some forest roads toward Columbia Furnace.

The total mileage was only 45 but about 25 of that was dirt with 5,300 feet elevation gain.  Good steady stuff.  Clean roll-able hard pack except for the new rock wild card.  That’s not the latest player in the music sweepstakes, it is the random road treatment when fresh gravel is placed on the fire roads so vehicles, usually larger then bikes, can press it down into the dirt.  This way the  roads remain wash out free and clear for safe passage, as well as prepped for future bike fun.  Anyway, most of the time the back roads are fine but occassionally they offer extra challenges.

Soda’s tumble was most strange.  He hit a twig and did a slow motion endo as we were picking our way down  a brief rough section.  The sharp pointy small blue rock came at him hard but he was up and smiling by the time I had the camera steady.

Besides reaping the physical and mental gains of a positive bike ride we were able to scope some spots and avenues a more aggressive attack may have negated.

More then a meander but a few notches less then a ‘training ride.’  I guess  though, you could say they are all training rides depending on what your objectives are.

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