Tysons/Raw Talent Racing

It could be said Tysons goes by script.  Based on the last four or five years it ends the same, together.  All the jockeying, posturing, surging, blocking and chasing lead to the field sprint.

Someone who chooses to save energy, sit on the back of the snake and jump around cooked riders is rewarded with, theoretically, fresh legs to jack up the finish line hill.

This is how it looks on paper and I guess in the books but still, the players dictate and at any given time, based on one’s action (or lack of), the script could be flipped.  It just hasn’t happened recently.

The new  squad CycleLife/Raw Talent Ranch Racing in their first full team start (even though it is a skeleton crew), scored a podium with a solid ride by the up and coming Josh Flexman, who slotted in behind Jeff Buckles of Richmond Pro, and former Mercury rider and US Professional Crit Champion, Derek Bouchard Hall, now with Clean Currents.

The action was constant from the gun.  Ninety five starters diminished despite the down hill drafting opportunities.  Moves pressed forward and some field separations occurred as gassed riders counted on descent recovery to reconnect.

Late in the game a dangerous looking move was checked by Russ Langley spinning out the back side fifty-five.  He brought things close enough on the bottom of the hill and got help as others jumped across to close the gap.

The attrition factor at Tysons may not be so obvious looking from the final laps field size, but is more evident in the harder to monitor snap folks have left on the 400 meter big ring upward finish.

It was another exciting sprinters bonanza.  I don’t know how many years NCVC has been raising the flag on Westpark but I feel like I have been around that track several times over and while the line still doesn’t come soon enough the motion remains vital.

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