Dolan, here it comes.  One of the perennials.  Office park crits.  The ones people like to knock.  I dig em.

Fast, plenty of parking, long clean lines.  A circuit to repeat and fine tune.  Boring for some while subtly tactical for others.  Over over and around.  A hypnotic trance for a heart beat score.

No one’s keeping records but these things keep getting faster.  The level of play is high even on the regional scene.  That is reflected by the varied amount of U.S. Pros staking results in all kinds of European races. The fast filters down.

The Carl Dolan Memorial Sring Classic put on festively by DC Velo was rapid.  The big local squads came out swinging.  Kelly, Harley, DC Velo, Haymarket and NCVC, all fielding large rosters.

CycleLife/Raw Talent Ranch Racing had a swing shift crew of three with Russ Langley going deep early. Either testing the field-testing his legs, airing things out or just having fun. The result was forging a move that quickly grew large as teams sent guys across, patrolling the front, shutting doors and opening gaps to determine the combination.

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