Lost River Classic 2010

The Dispanet climb starts mild.  A sharp turn over a bridge to a holler where an elevated meadow looms ahead.  The gentle pitch is short lived as it kicks up hard before you grasp the bite. Some how it is deceptively steep.  But only for a moment.

The road hits a plateau alongside a farmhouse whose porch borders the pavement.  After another rise and a red barn hugging the gutter there is a second plateau before the now steadily graded climb tops out near a small old graveyard with a rickety squared off fence and a sweeping view of the valley that was just left behind

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Lost River Classic Race Course

LOST River Classic race course. Garmin profile.

The next race on  the MABRA calendar is the Lost River Classic on Saturday July 24th.   This will be the second edition and weekend festivities are stacking up for pain, fun, some pleasure, diversion, views, vistas and really whatever you want to make it.   We are fortunate to again have the Guest House providing lodging as well as a cyclist buffet dinner Saturday night, and breakfast and staging for the Sunday, eleven AM group ride.   The Inn at Lost River, which is part of the Lost River General Store is offering some deluxe rooms in their idyllic and relaxing B and B for a generous $80 a night to LRC participants.

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Same Streets

Same streets, different bike, different day.   I’m rolling up 13th between E and F at eight am handling parcel delivery in my role as a DC bike messenger.  Less than 24 hours ago, as a member of the Cycle Life composite squad, I was hitting the same section hard.  A small rise in the quick twisty race course.  A part of the USA  Crit Series.

It’s quiet now.  No crowds and no evidence of the impressively done event.  Just folks getting back into Monday work mode and me wondering if I could have pushed it just a little more yesterday.

The bike I’m on is a dated Cannondale Cad 6.   Retired racer relegated (and reborn) to courier rig.  An old war horse and what I was on the last time I saw regular NRC action circa 2001 era.  Now, that is rare to never.

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