Lost River Classic Race Course

LOST River Classic race course. Garmin profile.

The next race on  the MABRA calendar is the Lost River Classic on Saturday July 24th.   This will be the second edition and weekend festivities are stacking up for pain, fun, some pleasure, diversion, views, vistas and really whatever you want to make it.   We are fortunate to again have the Guest House providing lodging as well as a cyclist buffet dinner Saturday night, and breakfast and staging for the Sunday, eleven AM group ride.   The Inn at Lost River, which is part of the Lost River General Store is offering some deluxe rooms in their idyllic and relaxing B and B for a generous $80 a night to LRC participants.

On line registration closes on Wednesday the 21st.  ‘Most’ of the fields look great and we are ahead of last year.  The 3/4 and  5 men’s fields are filled.  The men’s 1/2/3  is low but I have heard from enough folks who are pledging attendance.  If it is anything close to Coppis, which by the way, was brutally hard and for my money tougher then the NRC Capitol Criterium the week prior  (MABRA racing is no joke)  the dueling will be on.

The big mystery and question mark is the women’s 1/2/3 event.  This year, prompted by popular or at least vocal appeal we are offering two separate women’s fields rather then  a single women’s open. The 3/4 is part of the MABRA women’s race series and it is shaping up nice but the 1/2/3 competitors are playing possum.  So far ZERO are competing for the $425!  I know that they must be holding out.  Hanging back planning strategy and moves.  Something.  Prove me right.   Or prove me wrong….  I’m just hoping it is a matter of last minute directionals.   If the numbers are too low it is simply logistically and economical not feasible to offer the separate fields.   It would be good if this were not the case.

I rode the course today and it hasn’t gotten any easier than last year.  It is a serious beast.  Obviously there is nowhere to hide.  Everything is on display.   A full and complete challenge.   I’ve been racing more and maybe better then last season so am looking to improve at LRC, but it is a thin and delicate line on the sharp ascents, between your max and your limit.   If you’re lucky you can shoot that gap and find a clear breathe pattern.  Maybe your muscles cooperate and a rhythm is forged……  You have a good ride.

See you in the hills.

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