Raw  Talent Ranch in conjunction with CycleLife USA is proud to announce the ‘2010 Guns, Grits and Gravel Cyclocross Workshop’  August 28th and 29th.   This is a fully supported two day extravaganza offering detailed instruction in a relaxed and expansive setting.

Last weekend after an extensive field recon analysis session with young expert and instructor Joe Dombrowski we were fortunate to secure a 25 acre multi terrain area that includes high meadow, low meadow, a very green virtual rain forest section, a pond, a stream and a route the overseer as well as musician made famous in the Rapha video likes to call the ‘Tarzan Trail.’

Our activities included a short training ride prior to the more mentally if not physically taxing quest for the perfect field.   Once our objective was met I figured we would pedal back the 11 miles (4 dirt) satisfied with the day and commence to plotting course directions and features but Joe wanted to start actual construction.  I thought he was kidding….  We still had to pedal back to change clothes and then return in a vehicle with the tools and the stuff.  The first blade of grass was pierced at 5:30 and we cut, whacked, shoveled and raked until dark.   Joe D. is not just the course designer.  He is a laborer and tractor operator.

We at RTR are excited about what we hope will be the first of more themed camps to come.  The deep green rugged WV hills and the pure rhythmic majesty of the bike seem to exist well here in an evolving harmony.

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