Guns, Grits and Gravel

2 wheeled ministers of fun (or pain)-   First-   Let me send out a big THANK YOU to all of you who have helped spread the word about this inaugural event going down in Lost River, WV the weekend of August 28th and 29th.   The response has been awesome.  CX is really burning like wild fire and in many ways bridging the gap between the MTB and roadie worlds. It seems to have taken hold- Not just an off season alternative- But as a real focused discipline for this new breed of racer.

We still have 6 or 7 spots open…a couple folks have wanted to ‘reserve’ a spot, as they are still building their CX rigs, unfortunately the only way to ‘reserve’ a spot is to sign up on line and lay down the dollars. Just remember- we are understanding people. We are not here to stick anyone who may have an emergency…but we gotta pay bills too.

Register Online and Learn More

So, if you, a friend (an enemy) or a fellow CX/Roadie/MTB rider are interested and still sitting on the fence, don’t get caught out.

The last few details are being buttoned up. The course just got a good soaking.  And a hit squad is fired up to give it some ride time this week – it’s gotta get rutted up to be a proper CX course!   Course designer and resident CX crusher, ‘Big’ Joe Dombrowski is out tuning up at the Tour of Utah, and laying down the thunder for Trek-Livestrong all while feeling the effects of the dramatic change in altitude…   Jeremiah ‘The’ Bishop is doing his thang and getting it dialed for the Brek Epic MTB stage race (Aug 22 – 28) … and coming straight off of a top 5 finish in the fastest ever Leadville 100. TOTAL ANIMAL…you’re doing the math right (?)…he gets off of a plane and goes straight to the camp.   And to think these guys are gonna hang out in the woods, ride around in circles holding our hands and sharing their secrets…What a killer sport!   GO RIDE!

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