I Guess I’m Training

Training riding, riding training, riding for pleasure, riding for pain, talking about training talking about racing – lifting pushing, pressing resting, calculating valuing coordinating scheduling and monitoring.  The weather, the ways, the body the days – the things around you that prompt movement.  Riding the damn bike  -  still, again.

And this is delivered neither weary nor sarcastic.  Not a grind or even close to one. Re-upping.  Stated.  Slightly enthused, mildly bewildered and firmly connected to any absurdities wanting to be claimed.

The accents to the context are 15 degree roll outs.  20 degree highs.  Winds a blowing.  Stepping out the door and embracing the mix.  Sharp and forcefully crisp with immediate response demanded.  Acclimating and defining.  Realizing that while there is still plenty of time, the time has arrived.  Also realizing that while 15 isn’t 30 given the recent winters, anything sunny and clear is fair game since next week could be full snow cover with no option.

Every year winter is ripe.  Folks jacked on anticipation and possibility.  Hitting the spots hitting the rides pushing the pace and telling the tales.  Usually by August, oddly enough it gets quieter.  Like the quiet that happens towards the end of a climb or the finale to a long event.  Selection.

Some riders going hard in February don’t even intend on racing in July.  Others are pros and have been doing it for years.  They know what they are doing.  You may or may not.  Their tempo could be your max.  Following wheel is a crap shoot if you don’t know whose wheel it is and why you are there.

Ps.   The ride was relatively short but steady,  with built into the equation terrain hill intervals.  Seventeen of the miles were dirt and included the mysterious fourth road up the mountain.   Smooth in sections and rugged in others.  Totally rideable for those who rode it Sunday.   Here are the basic stats.

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