Lost River Classic 2011

The third version of the Lost River Classic is fast approaching and all systems are go. If you’ve been before you know and if you haven’t find out why they’re saying what they’re saying.
The course is hard. There is no where to hide. It is a true road race circuit that rewards fitness and skill. It is also in an idyllic West Virginia setting not far from Virginia. Less then two hours from the beltway. Close.
For a short transit investment there is a big yield in tranquility and remoteness…. Yet, all your cycling colleagues will be there. On the course suffering, at the Guest House after party reveling and in the group ride rolling around Branch Mountain Sunday morning. Imagine that. Or maybe it is too much to contemplate.

I know it is for me. That is why I am trying to stay still and calm. To drive back the anticipation and preserve energy for when it’s needed. The day will come and when it happens it happens with a fury. That much we know. The small print is unwritten. Pending. Details shaped by the participants.

The Guest House at Lost River and the Inn at Lost River are again offering reductions on room rates.

Come to WV, get lost (and maybe found) – one way or another something will be determined.

See you next week!

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