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Early Recovery



Placement and proximity affect our choices direction and activity.   A situation can be willfully subverted, but often the most immediate presence dictates the follow through. Obvious, but easily overlooked, or more accurately, it is hard to project what the best setup should be.
What is the smart way to go, the optimum route….

In the compromised limited and healing body, audibles and basic location changes are extra challenging.  Setting and surrounding take on new relevance.     That is a way of saying, where you choose to recover is a big deal.   For anyone, surgery and the following period of pain, meds and inactivity are a grind and for people with athletic programs, the lethargy is compounded.

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Being mostly immobile, the location/surroundings dictate much.  While the body needs to rest the mind needs to fire.   For the action hero who generates quality thought through adrenalin fueled motion, being inert is an abrupt transition.
The immediate days following surgery have a pleasant narcotic uplift. Soaring and surging even, with renewed calmness and colorful projections.  Wide open spaces, but  seen through a dwindling porthole.

It doesn’t last…….

By day three or four what began as an elevated induced liberating drift, devolves to nauseating head pounding static.  This isn’t  a surprise but the rapid plunge is jarring.  I wanted to ride the pink cloud as long as possible but it wasn’t very long, and  when it drops you it drops you hard.  For the better ultimately, as the pain masking pills slow  healing.  Out from under them energy and vitality can take the lead in junction with the natural  healing mechanism the body provides.


There is friction  between resting and  healing  verses keeping active and in a positive mind set to pass the time and refocus the pain.
It is  easy to bog down lying around and lose motivation to move at all.  The goal is to find  balance by doing something/anything that represents activity even if it is largely scaled down from before.   It is a gesture to the soul and necessary for healing.

Week one was filled with much television.  Being dormant I was thinking of catching up on reading, writing and music stuffs but the meds relegated my concentrations limited.  I finished Dave Eggers, book “What Is The What,” a powerfully clear detailed story about Sudanese refugees, “the Lost Boys of Sudan,” but primarily it was the endless world of reality television. Though I did find a new National Geographic show, “Locked Up Abroad,” which is a well done documentary style story about folks who get tangled in various illegal border crossing adventures with negative outcomes ala the movie “Midnight Express,” a bulk of the viewing centered on what was going on with Jeff, Devin and the Olly Girls over at “Sunset Tan,” discovering that Bruce Jenner is the step dad in “Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s” and watching Luke Skywalker from “Too Live Crew” dole out life lessons to his 16 year old son in “Luke”s Parental Advisory.”


That is just the tip of the iceberg.  I won’t even mention the “Hills” or the brilliant spin off from “Real Housewives of Orange County,” in which Slade, Jo’s ex, tries to pick a new man for Jo and then skewers the whole format by deciding he wants her back for himself.

So much happening out there and it is  all being filmed and monitored.  A full contrast to my other (real)  environment where I can crutch out the front door and be in the George Washington National Forest.  An entirely different set of data.  Sights sounds smells movements textures and contours, and not much telegraphed.  Or, if it is, not prerecorded.

Two distinct and vital sides of one thinly but firmly connected circuit and sphere.
So much to observe.  On one end, poignant, nuanced, complete human drama and/or folly scripted or not played out on the small screen endlessly, and on the other live, vibrating, pulsing, and evolving ecosystems with animals, plants, trees and streams of the vast Appalachian chain.   The box versus the woods.  It goes up over and beyond and keeps on going on.


Ten days post surgery my crutch mobility is strong but I am still not able to turn a full pedal revolution.
Gradually day by day I get a little more motion.   I ride slowly for about a half hour just to loosen things up.  There is pain and it is still stiff.
The leg that had been fractured in five places and the knee that was shattered in 1996 have healed bone wise but the components of the leg itself are altered in a big way.  Nerves muscles tendons all rearranged.  This was all reactivated two weeks ago when I had the rod extraction.

I have been lucky to operate this leg at full race impact for a long time and have accepted a certain level of discomfort for that opportunity.
Though early on I anticipated limited usage due to complications and projected a definitive giving out, that never happened.  Instead the volume of internal insurrection grew by degrees year to year.  Subtle and minor and limited enough that I could manage it and think of another season.


Finally, this year the discomfort and the compensation proved too much and I hope by removing the foot long plus piece of hardware, I will get some relief.  But there is really no way to know for sure.
I should be able to ride fine and for pleasure, and that takes precedence but whether I will be able to exert under full race intensity is an unknown until I pin on a number next April.

In the meantime I have to wait.  Ponder.  Rehab.  Wonder.  Train.  Carry on.  Go on faith. Be realistic.   Taper my expectations. Value what was and what is.  Take my time but maintain thrust, and know that in the meantime “Brett Michaels Rock of Love” season three debut can’t be far off.


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