Lost River Classic 2010

The Dispanet climb starts mild.  A sharp turn over a bridge to a holler where an elevated meadow looms ahead.  The gentle pitch is short lived as it kicks up hard before you grasp the bite. Some how it is deceptively steep.  But only for a moment.

The road hits a plateau alongside a farmhouse whose porch borders the pavement.  After another rise and a red barn hugging the gutter there is a second plateau before the now steadily graded climb tops out near a small old graveyard with a rickety squared off fence and a sweeping view of the valley that was just left behind

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Same Streets

Same streets, different bike, different day.   I’m rolling up 13th between E and F at eight am handling parcel delivery in my role as a DC bike messenger.  Less than 24 hours ago, as a member of the Cycle Life composite squad, I was hitting the same section hard.  A small rise in the quick twisty race course.  A part of the USA  Crit Series.

It’s quiet now.  No crowds and no evidence of the impressively done event.  Just folks getting back into Monday work mode and me wondering if I could have pushed it just a little more yesterday.

The bike I’m on is a dated Cannondale Cad 6.   Retired racer relegated (and reborn) to courier rig.  An old war horse and what I was on the last time I saw regular NRC action circa 2001 era.  Now, that is rare to never.

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Lost River Classic

The second edition of the Lost River Classic is set and ready to convene on July 24th.  A chance to either get redemption or make a new mark on the ten mile, double ridge crossing, high stakes twisting roller coaster of a course.

The festivities will follow a similar path as last year’s event.  The Guest House will again be hosting the cyclists buffet party on Saturday night.  Along with high quality fare and fine beverages the lounge’s flat screens will be tuned to the penultimate stage of the Tour, a 52 kilometer Bordeaux time trial, which, if Contador gets rattled on the stage three cobbles, could turn out to be decisive.

The Guest House will also be offering room discounts for race participants.   Mention the bike race when inquiring. There are other lodging options on the event website.

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Dolan, here it comes.  One of the perennials.  Office park crits.  The ones people like to knock.  I dig em.

Fast, plenty of parking, long clean lines.  A circuit to repeat and fine tune.  Boring for some while subtly tactical for others.  Over over and around.  A hypnotic trance for a heart beat score.

No one’s keeping records but these things keep getting faster.  The level of play is high even on the regional scene.  That is reflected by the varied amount of U.S. Pros staking results in all kinds of European races. The fast filters down.

The Carl Dolan Memorial Sring Classic put on festively by DC Velo was rapid.  The big local squads came out swinging.  Kelly, Harley, DC Velo, Haymarket and NCVC, all fielding large rosters.

CycleLife/Raw Talent Ranch Racing had a swing shift crew of three with Russ Langley going deep early. Either testing the field-testing his legs, airing things out or just having fun. The result was forging a move that quickly grew large as teams sent guys across, patrolling the front, shutting doors and opening gaps to determine the combination.

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Tysons/Raw Talent Racing

It could be said Tysons goes by script.  Based on the last four or five years it ends the same, together.  All the jockeying, posturing, surging, blocking and chasing lead to the field sprint.

Someone who chooses to save energy, sit on the back of the snake and jump around cooked riders is rewarded with, theoretically, fresh legs to jack up the finish line hill.

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Morgantown Race

Sunday was my first race of the season.  For me, a ‘local’ race that was actually a road trip. A WV series event taking place just across the border in Mount Morris, PA.

My car ride up took three and a half hours.   All 168 miles of it after the twisty and continuous ridge crossings on route 50 had been navigated.  I had wanted to photo doc some of the meanderings and there were no shortage of spicy targets, but getting to the start line took precedence.  Travel time coming back on interstate 68 was smoother, quicker and less concentrated (visually that is, meaning more time for vista scoping).

This second year race had a big turnout.  There were maybe close to 60 at the start line for the 1/2/3 race.  MABRA riders had made the trek out including Harley, Kelly Benefits, DC Velo, and NCVC in their stylishly updated traditional kit.

The race was hard.  Four full sized climbs.  Props to the ABRA who also put on Tucker County among other events.

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